Viešajam sektoriui skirti renginiai – apie bepiločių orlaivių technologinius sprendimus viešųjų paslaugų infrastruktūros aplinkai plėtoti, pritaikymą efektyviau teikti savivaldybių paslaugas bei privačiajam sektoriui – apie verslo efektyvumo ir inovacijų iššūkius.

Norwegian-Lithuanian Business Forum 2024: CREATING PARTNERSHIPS FOR REGIONAL DEFENCE

Peace requires a lot of work, even when it feels like there's not much peace to go around. That's what was discussed at the Norwegian-Lithuanian Business Forum 2024, with an opening from His Royal Highness Crown Prince Haakon of Norway.

Photo: Per Herseth, DRONEA, in exciting discussion with Greta Monika Tučkutė, Deputy Minister of National Defence and Giedrimas Jeglinskas, Lithuanian politician and former NATO official.

Joint European Drone Associations (JEDA) is poised to represent unmanned aviation interests in Europe with a balanced Executive Committee led by Julie Garland. The Board of Directors elected the team, reassuring the firm support until now. With this lineup, JEDA is well-equipped to advocate for its members and shape the Drone Economy's future. Acknowledging Achim Friedl's foundational work, the Executive Committee proposes creating the role of Honorary President to maintain his valuable involvement and foster collaboration within the organization.

Dronea Chairman Vidmantas KAIRYS: „Honoured to have been re-elected as the Vice President of Joint European Drone Associations (JEDA) for a 2-year term along with new President Julie Garland and Vice President Philippe Boyadjis, Treasurer Laurent GEERAERTS and Secretary Stefan Hristozov.“

Vidmantas KAIRYS has been re-elected Vice-President of JEDA

4th General Assembly of the Joint European Drone Associations (JEDA)

The 4th General Assembly of the JEDA occurred on February 7th. This event was particularly noteworthy due to the presence of distinguished guests from EASA - European Union Aviation Safety Agency, Austro Control, and ÖAMTC. Productive discussions were held, including fruitful exchanges with Natale Di Rubbo of EASA regarding drone activities and potential collaboration between EASA and JEDA.

Our objective at JEDA is to gather the brightest minds and best ideas from our member associations across Europe, focusing on common areas of expertise. To this end, three Competence Groups operate within JEDA, addressing the implementation of European regulations, training programs, technical issues. The group leaders presented their plans for the future at the General Assembly.

Looking ahead, JEDA remains committed to collaborating with the EC, EASA, and other aviation authorities and professional organizations. JEDA will continue supporting its members through networking opportunities, competence groups, and participation in seminars.

Joint European Drone Association (JEDA) and the officials in charge of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency drone sector met in Cologne this Friday at EASA HQ.
Over the last few years, the European Union has developed a comprehensive drone regulatory framework for its Member States, which made Europe the first region in the world to have a comprehensive set of rules ensuring safe, secure, and sustainable operations of drones.
JEDA is the largest and only one umbrella organization for the national associations of unmanned aviation in Europe, having 23 national associations from 21 European states and counting, more than 3500 members involved as operators, remote pilots, manufacturers, service providers, etc.
During the meeting, parties discussed the interpretation and application of EU legislation in the drone domain, experiences and challenges, and the promotion of best practices in developing this promising sector. However, the main focus was on how to prevent shortcomings and foster good bilateral collaboration between the authority and the largest association toward the common goal of ensuring the safe and efficient development of a drone ecosystem.

Meeting with EASA

From vision to business – bringing the EU drone market to life

DRONEA took part at European Drone Forum held in Cologne on 26 and 27 October 2023. This event has confirmed its reputation as Europe’s most important expert conference for UAS and cemented it at the absolute top level. Whether experts from EASA, the drone industry or from politics and business, we were able to look into many satisfied faces in a room filled to capacity. The participants gained first-hand insights into the current planning of Europe’s aviation authorities and all together shaped the future of drones in Europe directly and unfiltered.

DRONEA is a part of European Network of U-space stakeholders.

The meeting held on 22 November 2023 in Katowice, Poland that was organized the European Commission, EUROCONTROL, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency, SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking and European Defence Agency.

The scope of the meeting is to share lessons learned related to ongoing U-Space implementation activities across Europe. Please find the agenda of the meeting below. We invite you to save the event to your calendar and register as soon as possible.

European Network of U-space Stakeholders Meeting in Katowice

EASA U-space webinars

Being in the capacity of viceprezident of Joint European Drone Association (JEDA), the Chairman of Dronea Vidmantas Kairys delivered a presentation to the EASA webinars along with colleagues from CANSO, GUTMA and AME.

Vidmantas Kairys presented the feedback received from JEDA members on the issues related to the U-space implementation.

With EUREKA you have:

  • 35 companies working together to develop 4 solutions that will enable the safe integration of vertiports in the European airspace.

  • 35 companies belonging to 1 project that paves the way and supports the UAM accommodation in Europe.

  • 35 companies belonging to 1 project that makes the move from excluded, segregated drones to an inclusive airspace for all airspace users​ including VTOLs.

At its core, EUREKA is about developing 4 solutions and integrating them with each other:

  • Vertiport arrival & departure management

  • Vertiport collaborative traffic management

  • Disruption and emergency management

  • Vertiport network flow, capacity and operational management

Dronea is presented in 3 Working Packages


EUREKA- European Key solutions for vertiports and UAM

Air taxis are an exciting development in air mobility, but these vehicles rely on infrastructure like vertiports and accompanying air traffic management procedures to get off the ground. The project will develop the complete arrival, departure and turnaround process for vertiports. The proposed solutions will consider collaborative traffic management, how to deal with emergencies and disruptions and network flow and capacity management. The project will provide recommendations for regulation/standardization and any information to accelerate and harmonize the development of UAM, VTOL operations, and vertiports across Europe.

European Committee of the Regions

DRONEA contributed to the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) in preparing an opinion on the topic of the European Drone Strategy 2.0, based on the European Commission's communication A Drone Strategy 2.0 for a Smart and Sustainable Unmanned Aircraft Eco-System in Europe.

The main task was to identify, assess and address possible asymmetric impacts of EU policies on the different EU territories depending on their characteristics

Dronea presented to members of the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania and institutional representatives the perspectives of unmanned aerial vehicles in the public and private sectors, addressing the challenges of quality of society, business efficiency and innovation.

UAVs are a technology that is already opening up possibilities and prospects for new services and applications, making it a real opportunity to create more jobs and open up a long-term source of innovation and economic growth.

Meeting of the Subcommittee on High Technologies, Innovation and the Digital Economy of the Parliament Committee on Economic Affairs, together with representatives of the Seimas Temporary Group "Digital Lithuania" in 2022.

"We are in favour of a competitive development of Lithuania's unmanned aircraft sector, which would enable research, innovation and the creation of high added value products. The public sector must take the lead. We will provide the political leadership. We need to promote the growth of this innovative, fast-growing technology and publicise the potential of UAVs," said Andrius Kupčinskas, chairman of the Seimas Subcommittee

Dronų eismo sauga - svarbi Europos Sąjungos visuomenės problema


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2020-12-31 įsigalioję Europos Komisijos R2019/945 ir R2019/947 nustatė naujas taisykles ir reikalavimus ES bepiločių orlaivių savininkams ir pilotams

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