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Enabling the Innovative Aerial Services market to grow and take shape in Europe

The Innovative Aerial Services poses a real opportunity to boost industrial competitiveness, foster innovation, promote entrepreneurship and create new businesses in order to generate growth and jobs.

Innovative Aerial Services are quickly developing. They include aerial operations (surveillance, inspection, imaging, …), as well as a whole new emerging market called Innovative Air Mobility (IAM) (international, regional and urban air mobility).

These new vehicles represent a major development for the transport of freight and people, particularly within or out of urban environments that can contribute to reducing emissions and increasing road safety while providing new services to all communities.

Why we are doing this?

As the Innovative Aerial service market continues to grow and take shape in Europe, the public and private now have a unique opportunity to shape this disruptive technology in order to maximise the economic and social benefits it could bring, whilst ensuring safety and security.

There are several key themes underlying development

Integral part of the life

By 2030 drones and their required eco-system will have become an integral part of the life of EU citizens and Member States. They will be used to provide numerous services to the benefits of diversified civilian and defence end-users, including EU citizens, organisations, States, and industry. These aerial operations will include emergency services, inspections, and surveillance, using drones as flying Internet of Things (IoT) platforms to gather data, as well as for the delivery of goods. IAM services will also have started to provide regular people transport services in various European cities and for some regional connections, initially using aircraft with a pilot on board but with the aim to fully automate their operations. Urban Air Mobility will have started to become an integral part of the future urban multimodal intelligent mobility ecosystem and the infrastructure enabling these services will be fully deployed and integrated.


U-space will enable all types of operations, including complex missions performed by vehicles with a high degree of automation, in all kinds of operational environment, including urban areas. So, the advanced U-space services will support large scale highly automated and digitally connected affordable, safe, secure, and environmentally friendly unmanned aircraft operations in several Member States. The integration between manned and unmanned traffic in the same airspace will have been initiated, inside and outside U-space airspace.

- Publicly accessible services

- Decarbonisation

- Civil-defence industry synergies

All Innovative Aerial services will be provided in a manner that ensures safety, security, privacy, and affordability, in line with citizens’ expectations and addressing their concerns. Drones used for the transport of people and goods will be particularly oriented to the achievement of publicly accessible services, thus creating benefits for citizens and local communities.

Innovative Aerial services will effectively integrate or complement existing transportation systems and contribute to the decarbonisation of the transport system, while minimising their impact on the environment throughout their life cycle.

Civil-defence industry synergies will be systematically identified and exploited. They will improve the competitiveness of European industry and strengthen Europe's strategic autonomy, by allowing Member States to rely on competitive UAS technology of European origin